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The Army Green Uniform

This document from the U.S. Army Quartermaster Museum Archives provides a well researched and written history of the Quartermaster Corps' development of the Army Green Uniform. TECHNICAL REPORT 68-41-CM  THE ARMY GREEN UNIFORM  by Stephen J. Kennedy and...

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The Evolution of the Uniform

By War Planning and Training Division, O.Q.M.G.The Quartermaster Review – March-April 1928 The Uniform (Hat-Blouse-Breeches-Shoes-Leggins) Introduction The word "uniform" is derived from the Latin words "unus," one, and "forma," form, and includes the different styles...

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World War II Inductee Clothing Issue

From the collection of the Quartermaster Museum, memorandum indicating clothing issued to new soldiers at Camp Lee, VA in 1943 RECRUIT RECEPTION CENTER1303d SERVICE UNITOFFICE OF SUPPLY OFFICERCAMP LEE, VA., IMPORTANT INSTRUCTIONS TO: ALL NEWLY INDUCTED MEN 1. In this...

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Uniformity for Uniforms

By Lieut. Harry Kirsner, Q.M.C.The Quartermaster ReviewJuly-August 1931 WHEN we speak of ''uniforms,” we immediately think of clothing of similar design made of cloth of like construction and color worn by personnel of military as well as of some civilian and...

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Wet-Cold Clothing Team

The Quartermaster ReviewJanuary-February 1946 A few weeks ago, on the "main drag" in Seoul, Korea a soldier clad in an Eisenhower jacket and OD trousers walked up to Lieutenant Richard H. Greene and remarked: "Say, aren 't you the guy who talked to my outfit about...

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The Army Dressed Up

Fashion Decrees Greenish-Grat for the Army Uniform in Place of Olice Drab, if the G.I. Approves the Change By Dr. Stephen J. KennedyThe Quartermaster Review - January/February 1952 A PROPOSED new Army uniform has just been issued for service test to two battalions of...

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Shoes and The Army

Robert P. Patterson*(*Excerpts from a statement issued June 4, 1945)Under Secretary of WarThe Quartermaster ReviewJuly-August 1945 Warfare is rough on shoes. Army shoes must stand up under hard marching, mud, snow, and the severities of the weather. Warfare requires a...

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Prestige of the Soldier

By MAJOR A. M. KAMP, JR.The Quartermaster Review - May/June 1954 The man was wearing the uniform of a soldier. He sauntered about the bus terminal with no apparent objective but to mingle with the people coming and going, and to stand in front of the magazine and...

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