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Department of the Army Emblem

Background: Prior to the establishment of the Department of the Army Emblem, there was no official display item to identify the Army. The Army seal had traditionally been used to authenticate documents only and was not authorized for display. In recognizing the need...

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Quartermaster War Dog Program

A little known, but interesting chapter in Quartermaster History is the War Dog program. During World War II, not long after the attack on Pearl Harbor, the American Kennel Club and a new group calling itself “Dogs for Defense” mobilized dog owners across the country...

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The Use of Horses and Mules in Modern Warfare

By CAPTAIN Louis B. Gerow, Q.M.C.The Quartermaster Review – November-December 1928 SUCH tremendous strides have been made in the manufacture and utilization of mechanical means, including transport, as exemplified by the mechanization and motorization programs adopted...

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United States Army Flag

Short History of Army Flag Fact Sheet Office of The Quartermaster GeneralWashington D.C.1 June 1957 The United States Army Flag was officially adopted by order of President Dwight D. Eisenhower through Executive Order No. 10670, on June12, 1956. The newly adopted flag...

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Shoes and The Army

Robert P. Patterson*(*Excerpts from a statement issued June 4, 1945)Under Secretary of WarThe Quartermaster ReviewJuly-August 1945 Warfare is rough on shoes. Army shoes must stand up under hard marching, mud, snow, and the severities of the weather. Warfare requires a...

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Prestige of the Soldier

By MAJOR A. M. KAMP, JR.The Quartermaster Review - May/June 1954 The man was wearing the uniform of a soldier. He sauntered about the bus terminal with no apparent objective but to mingle with the people coming and going, and to stand in front of the magazine and...

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Heraldic Branch O.Q.M.G.

By Arthur E. DuboisThe Quartermaster Review -- September-October 1954 The heraldic Program of the Department of Defense provides assistance to the Secretaries of Defense, Army, Navy and Air Force, either individually or collectively, in establishing and maintaining a...

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