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Quartermaster Aerial Delivery

The Story of the Airborne Rigger Compiled from the Archives of the US Army Quartermaster Museum and oral interviewsby K. Born Introduction In the spring of 1950, with the start of the Korean War, the Quartermaster Corps was formally assigned the mission of...

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Parachute Rigger Badge

On 9 June 1986, the Chief of Staff of the Army approved adoption of the parachute rigger badge as a permanent special skill badge. The parachute rigger badge is the only special skill badge approved for a Quartermaster specific Military Occupation Specialty (MOS)....

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Rigger’s Pledge

I will keep constantly in mind that until men grow wings their parachutes must be dependable. I will pack every parachute as though I am to jump with it myself and will stand ready to jump with any parachute which I have certified as properly packed. I will remember...

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U.S. Army Parachute Badge

The first Parachute badge was designed during World War II by Captain (later Lieutenant General) William P. Yarborough of the 501st Parachute Battalion. A memorandum of record written by Captain Yarborough on April 22, 1941, tells the story of the birth of the...

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