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Topic: Rigger Historical Articles

Rigger School History 1947-1953

Rigger School History 1947-1953 (PDF)

History of Quartermaster Parachute Rigger School -Fort Lee, Virginia

With the advent of large Airborne units during World War II and the increased importance of aerial resupply of troops on the ground, there was a lengthy postwar debate on who and how the critical “supply by air” mission should be handled. As a result of numerous studies, committee meetings, and board recommendations the Quartermaster […]

Operation Provide Promise -Resupplying the Bosnians

CPT Jordan S. Chroman Quartermaster Professional Bulletin – Summer 1993 A 14-year-old boy brings his family 30 pounds of food in the Muslim enclave of Gorazde in eastern Bosnia. Food is scarce since fighting between Serb militias and Muslim rebels broke out 25 Jun 91, when Croatia and Slovenia declared their independence from Yugoslavia. Serbian […]

Operation Provide Promise: The Airdrop Phase

CPT Brian L. Williams CW3 Ken K. Studer CW2 Nancy E. Studer Quartermaster Professional Bulletin – Autumn 1993 Fighting in Eastern Bosnia-Hercegovenia (formerly Yugoslavia) between ethnic rivals has intensified. More and more civilians are being displaced. The populations of small, primarily Muslim townships are doubling and tripling as refugees flood in by the tens of […]

Emerging Technology in Airdrop Operations

CPT Stephen R. Davis CPT Mary E. Denniston CPT Edward F. Ehlers CPT John B. Hinson CPT Maria Ogden Quartermaster Professional Bulletin-Autumn 1997 Operation Provide Promise was the largest humanitarian airdrop operation in the history of the United States. Relief supplies to the former Republic of Yugoslavia (Bosnia-Herzegovina) started in February 1993 and officially ended […]

Quartermasters Hit the Silk

By LIEUTENANT WALTER J. WARNER, Q.M.C. Quartermaster Review September-October 1950 On Armed Forces Day, May 20th, Quartermaster personnel at Fort Lee were treated to a preview of their own armed forces in action in a war of the future when forty paratroopers of the 407th Airborne Quartermaster Company “hit the silk” in a demonstration of […]

Operation of the Airborne Division Parachute Maintenance Company

By Major Thomas R. Cross, Inf. Division Parachute Officer, 11th Airborne Division The Quartermaster Review, September-October 1950 Article written by the officer credited with designing the first rigger badge about one of the first new Quartermaster Divisional Parachute Maintenance Companies.   Also talks about the origin of the Red rigger cap. The Rigger’s Pledge, its […]

Performance of Packet Planes

By Richard S. Boutelle President of Fairchild Engine and Airplane Corporation The Quartermaster Review, September-October 1950 The old adage “the bigger they are the harder they fall” is taking a kicking around in the air-delivery business. It has been our business for the last eight years to help the Airborne divisions change things around, until […]

“Some Succeeded and Some Failed” Airborne Quartermaster Field Operations

By LT. COL. ROBERT C. McKECHNIE, QM-USAR Quartermaster Review September-October 1950 What can you conceive more silly and extravagant than to suppose a man racking his brains, and studying night and day how to fly?—WILLIAM LAW. 1728. TODAY in Japan, Quartermaster troops are operating an air supply organization to provide Airborne supplies for our ground troops […]

Delivery by Air

Extracted from Combat Support in Korea, Part VII, Quartermaster Corps, Facsimile Reprint, 1987, 1990, CMH Publication 22-1, Center of Military History, United States Army, Washington, D.C. Capt. William J. Dawson, Jr., 8081st Quartermaster Airborne Air Supply and Packaging Company The 8081st Quartermaster Airborne Air Supply and Packaging Company is the most-decorated quartermaster company in the U.S. […]