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Topic: Rigger Units, Insignia, Clip Art

Airborne & Special Operations Insignia

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Rigger Clip Art

Courtesy of the Air Delivery & Field Services Department U.S. Army Quartermaster School and Center, Fort Lee, Virginia

Rigger Badges

Original Rigger Patch from 1950s   Rigger Badge authorized in 1986 Subdued, Desert Uniform Subdued, BDU Uniform World War II Army Air Force Parachute Rigger Qualification Badge Marine Corps Rigger (Unofficial) Navy Enlisted Rate for Aircrew Survival Equipmentman (PR) Jump Ovals 4th Quartermaster Detachment 5th Quartermaster Detachment 11th Parachute Maintenance Company 11th Airborne Division 87th Quartermaster Detachment […]

Aerial Delivery Unit Citations

Note: Not complete, work in progress. World War II 11th Parachute Maintenance Company, 11th Airborne Division Philippine Presidential Unit Citation – 17 Oct 44-4 Jul 45, DAGO 47-50 13th Parachute Maintenance Company, 13th Airborne Division None 17th Parachute Maintenance Company, 17th Airborne Division Assault Landing, Wesel, Germany – 24 Mar 45, WD GO 70-45 82nd Parachute Maintenance Company, 82nd Airborne Division Netherlands Orange […]

Historical Aerial Delivery and Rigger Units

  World War II  1942-45 Airborne Division Airborne Quartermaster Company Parachute Maintenance Company 11th 408th 11th 13th 409th 13th 17th 411th 17th 82nd 407th 82nd 101st 426th 101st 1st Airborne Task Force# 334th Quartermaster Depot Supply Company ? 15th* 410th – #Provisional 7th Army Airborne Division that air-assaulted into Southern France *planned in 1943, but […]