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Topic: Clothing

Winter Program Planning Korea

by Lt. Col. Vincent L. Corrado, Q.M.C. Quartermaster Review January-February 1954 SELF preservation is the greatest single motivating factor in man’s existence. Physiologists, for the most part, agree that when survival is the prime issue, protection from the elements takes precedence over food. Pampered by the luxuries of today, the human body is considered to […]

Armored Vest Fact Sheet

Office of the Quartermaster General Washington, D.C. 23 December 1952 Army T-52-2 Armored Vest 29 October 1952 Note: Despite the widespread popular use of the term, no military service has developed a practical “bullet-proof” vest. Vests made of any presently-developed material strong enough to stop all high-velocity missiles would be too bulky or awkward for […]

Lightweight Body Armor

By Ludlow King Quartermaster Review March-April 1953 Reprinted from the January-February Ordnance   Lt. Rodney M. Brigg of the Body Armor Team, 40th Infantry Division, points to a bruise on Lt Frank Bassett, Co. G, 180th Inf Reg, made by hand grenade fragments. LT Bassett’s body armor absorbed most of the impact of the blast.  20 June […]

Army Quartermaster Corps’ 50th Anniversary Commemoration Korean War 1950-1953


The New Quartermaster Research & Development Command

By Brig. Gen. J.C. ODELL The Quartermaster Review – July/August 1954 The Research and Development Center at Natick, Mass., the Quartermaster Corps’ newest installation, has been designated Headquarters of the Quartermaster Research & Development Command. It is the inevitable culmination of the rapid and sound extension of scientific thinking in the solution of problems of […]

Prestige of the Soldier

By MAJOR A. M. KAMP, JR. The Quartermaster Review – May/June 1954 The man was wearing the uniform of a soldier. He sauntered about the bus terminal with no apparent objective but to mingle with the people coming and going, and to stand in front of the magazine and newsstand, ogling the pictures of half-nude […]

The Army Dressed Up

Fashion Decrees Greenish-Grey for the Army Uniform in Place of Olive Drab, if the G.I. Approves the Change By Dr. Stephen J. Kennedy The Quartermaster Review – January/February 1952 Thumbnail sketch on the development of a proposed new Army Dress Uniform A PROPOSED new Army uniform has just been issued for service test to two […]


This document from the U.S. Army Quartermaster Museum Archives provides a well researched and written history of the Quartermaster Corps’ development of the Army Green Uniform. TECHNICAL REPORT 68-41-CM  THE ARMY GREEN UNIFORM  by Stephen J. Kennedy and Alice F. Park March l968 Series: C&OM-43 Clothing and Organic Materials Laboratory U.S. ARMY Natick LABORATORIES Natick, Massachusetts […]

Tailor to Millions

Harold P. Godwin The Quartermaster Review May-June 1945 Looking at today’s trim, well-fitted GIs, a soldier of World War I must wonder, when he remembers the day he was bundled into his serviceable but none-too-snappy uniform, with its peasant brogans and its wind-up puttees, how it is possible to turn out the well-dressed soldier of […]

Shoes and the Army

Robert P. Patterson* (*Excerpts from a statement issued June 4, 1945) Under Secretary of War The Quartermaster Review July-August 1945 Warfare is rough on shoes. Army shoes must stand up under hard marching, mud, snow, and the severities of the weather.  Warfare requires a lot of shoes, and it requires stout shoes. Recognizing this, the Army […]