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Topic: Field Services

Field Services Historical Photos

Pictures are thumbnailed for fast loading. Please click the picture to see the enlarged image. To return, press the “BACK” button in your browser) World War I Laundry truck attached to mobile hospital No 39, Aulnois-s/-Vertuzy, France, 23 June 1918 Field Shower, Undated 157th Field Services Company, Operation Uphold Democracy, Haiti 1994 (DoD Joint Combat […]

Cleaning the Sword

Captain Charles F. Moore Quartermaster Professional Bulletin, Spring 1990 Soldiering is dirty business. Since the Revolutionary War, the Quartermaster Corps has supplied clean, serviceable clothing to front line combat soldiers. One of General Mifflin’s earliest challenges was clothing procurement for Revolutionary soldiers while facing severe wool shortages, limited production capability, and no money. The Quartermaster […]

Laundry Service in Italy

The Quartermaster Review January-February 1944 Laundry Operations in Italy in World War II D plus 12, Lieutenants Calvin A. Stetson, Vincent V. Pescatore, Jr., and the first platoon debarked on the beach of Salerno as the advance element of the –th QM Laundry Company, and immediately made plans to commence operation. While Lieutenant Pescatore was […]

Laundry and the Tactical Situation

Operations of the 600th QM Company in Europe The Quartermaster Review July-August 1945 SINCE First Army’s 600th QM Laundry Company landed on Utah Beach, its mission has been that of servicing VII Corps divisions and corps troops. From the Cherbourg Peninsula through France and Belgium into Germany, this company has followed a corps which, in […]

Field Laundry and Shower Operations in Somalia

Operations of the 16th Field Service Company CPT Bruce E. Cox Quartermaster Professional Bulletin – Spring 1994 On 8 Oct 93, during a four-day weekend, at approximately 0930 hours, the 16th Field Service Company was alerted to deploy to Somalia from Fort Lee, VA. The mission was to support a 1,800-soldier task force with laundry […]