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Topic: Former Missions

Rail Transportation; An Historical Military Study

By W. F. RITER Captain, Quartermaster Corps The Quartermaster Review – March-April 1927 THE purpose of this brief sketch is to show the humble origin of rail transportation, the mistakes that have occurred in railway operation for military purposes, the present high state of its development and its effect on the strategy of warfare. An […]

The Work of the Army’s Fleet

By COLONEL T. M. KNOX, Q. M. C. The Quartermaster Review March-April 1930 Background on the Army Transport Service (ATS) the “Army’s Navy” THE ability to quickly move an army under modern conditions is probably as important a factor in the success of a campaign as valor and fighting efficiency, while to attempt movements of […]

The Holabird Quartermaster Depot

By LT. COL. EDGAR S.STAYER The Quartermaster Review – March-April 1928 1928 Article on the main transportation depot and motor transport school for the Army ESTABLISHMENT OF CAMP HOLABIRD C AMP HOLABIRD is situated within the city limits of the city of Baltimore, about six miles southeast of the center of the city in the […]

Construction; An Index of Civilization

By CAPTAIN JOHN V. ROWAN, Q. M. C. The Quartermaster Review – 1928 Overview of Military Construction with emphasis on WWI CONSTRUCTION is one of the oldest arts in the world. The builder has truly marked the progress of civilization by his noble works. For instance, from the ancient on thru the middle ages to […]

Construction in the Field

By  Maj. John D. Kilpatrick, Q.M.C The Quartermaster Review – September-October 1928 Duties and Responsibilities of a Construction Quartermaster in 1928 THE functions of the Building Branch, Construction Service, Quartermaster Corps, as the name implies, have to do with the carrying on of the construction of buildings or other projects for which authorization has been […]