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Food Program Research and Development

CPT Mark Russelburg Quartermaster Professional Bulletin – Summer 1992 The future of Army food is happening now at the Natick Research, Development and Engineering Center in Natick, MA. Home of the Department of Defense Food Program, the center is responsible for all research and development of new and improved food items and food service equipment […]

New and Improved: T-Ration and MRE Development

T-Ration and MRE Development Major Rita Alspach, Susan D. Gagne and Alice Meyer Quartermaster Professional Bulletin – December 1988 Development of the MRE and T-Ration combat rations New and improved! Everyday the phrase comes to us, reflecting changes in requirements, changes in tastes. No aspect of our military lives is exempt, and subsistence, one of […]

The New Quartermaster Research & Development Command

By Brig. Gen. J.C. ODELL The Quartermaster Review – July/August 1954 The Research and Development Center at Natick, Mass., the Quartermaster Corps’ newest installation, has been designated Headquarters of the Quartermaster Research & Development Command. It is the inevitable culmination of the rapid and sound extension of scientific thinking in the solution of problems of […]

The Quartermaster Market Center System

by Colonel Jack F. Hudson, QMC The Quartermaster Review – November/December 1954 Short background on the QM Market Center System IN PAST years at the Quartermaster Association conventions you have heard several dissertations on the organization and mission of the Market Center System, which has its headquarters in Chicago. The Market Center system was first organized […]

Subsistence in Space

CPT Nanette Gallant Quartermaster Professional Bulletin – Summer 1992 Editor’s Note: The Army has been involved with the space program since its earliest days. Until 1984 the Army assumed only a minor supporting role through the Research, Development and Engineering Center in Natick, MA. With the advent of the space shuttle, and now Space Station Freedom, the […]

The Army Family of Rations

CW3 Peter Motrynczuk Quartermaster Professional Bulletin – Autumn 1991 Short overview of rations used during Operation Desert Shield/Storm 1990-91 The Right Meal, At The Right Place And At The Right Time Before Operation Desert Shield/Storm in Southwest Asia, the Army had a feeding standard of providing all soldiers with one Meal, Ready to Eat (MRE) […]

Food Service United Nations Korea

By LT COL. Coy W. Baldwin, Q.M.C. Quartermaster Review May-June 1953 The primary target of a soldier’s gripes since the start of warfare, has traditionally been “Chow.” Today, however, in Korea things are different. Men from a score of nations complain about the country, the dust, their lot in life, but whenever their food appears […]

Subsistence Research Laboratory

Colonel G. F. Doriot, Q.M.C.* The Quartermaster Review – March-April 1944 History of the Quartermaster Subsistence Research Laboratory A QUARTER of a century ago at this Depot a new procedure in Army subsistence was inaugurated. A step was taken which was to revolutionize the whole subject of troop feeding.  In the fall of 1920 the Quartermaster […]

The Food Situation in the European Theatre of Operations

MAJ. GEN. ROBERT M.G. LITTLEJOHN, U.S.A. The Quartermaster Review January-February 1944 Supplying food to American forces in Europe during WWII. DIFFERENT peoples have different tastes. Methods of living are also affected by environment. That is why the British Army and the United States Army have different types of rations. The British ration is a good […]