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Topic: War Dogs

War Dog Links

Listing of a link does not constitute an endorsement of the site or guarantee that the site still exists. Department of Defense Military Working Dog School War Dog Memorial – Hartsdale (New York) Pet Cemetery Home to memorial dedicated in 1922 to WWI  Dogs

War Dogs Reference Bibliography

A resource page for books, magazine and newspaper articles on military dogs. GENERAL Burnam, John C., Dog Tags of Courage: The Turmoil of War and the Rewards of Companionship, Lost Coast Press, 1999, 355 p. Cramer, Richard Ben, “They Were Heroes Too”, Parade Magazine, April 1, 2001. Lemish, Michael. War Dogs; A History of Loyalty […]

Quartermater War Dog Photos

(Photos from the US Army Quartermaster Museum Archives) Camp Rimini at Helena, Montana (Marine Corps Dog Training) 3207th Quartermaster Service Company, Holland 1944, Sentry Dog 37th Scout Dog Platoon, 25th Infantry Division, Korea in January 1954  

Scout Dogs

Enemy’s Worst Enemy… By SP4 Wain Rubenstein Danger Forward, The Magazine of the Big Red One, Vietnam Volume Three, Number Two June 1969 The use of dogs as an auxiliary in-war is as old as war itself. Primitive man used dogs to guard his family, his belongings and himself. He also took his dog into […]

Training Center for Army Dogs

Captain John F. Riddick Military Police Corps Commander, Army Dog Training Center Camp Carson, Colorado Army Information Digest, June 1953  The place was Kobe, Japan, during the occupation years.  Pilferage of supplies from docks and warehouses was getting far out of hand. To stop the theft of thousands of dollars in clothing and food, a […]

The Truth About War Dogs

Alene Erlanger The Quartermaster Review March-April 1944 Since the initiation of the War Dog program so much has been said, written, filmed, and even sung about it that War Dogs are now firmly established in the public mind as an integral part of our armed forces. Unfortunately, however, lack of authentic information has led to […]

Quartermaster War Dog Program

A little known, but interesting chapter in Quartermaster History is the War Dog program. During World War II, not long after the attack on Pearl Harbor, the American Kennel Club and a new group calling itself “Dogs for Defense” mobilized dog owners across the country to donate quality animals to the Quartermaster Corps.  Dogs donated […]

War Dogs

A resource for information on the U.S. Army’s use of dogs 1942-Present The Army Quartermaster Corps began the U.S. Armed Forces first war dog training during WWII.  By 1945 they had trained almost 10,000 war dogs for the Army, Navy, Marine Corps and Coast Guard.   Fifteen War Dog platoons served overseas in World War II. […]

QM War Dog Platoon is a Combat Unit

Quartermaster Training Service Journal – 7 July 1944 About 4 Feb 44, T/4 Boude with his scout dog, Dick, went out with a Marine reconnaissance patrol of about fifteen men from Co. K.  The mission of the patrol was to locate and reconnoiter a trail through a portion of the island adjacent to Cape Gloucester. […]


By MAJOR LEE 0. HILL Q.M.C. Quartermaster Review March-April 1952 Major Lee 0. Hill, Chief, Remount Branch, Field Service Division, OQMG, was born on a ranch in Texas and was at home in the saddle at a very early age. Then he enlisted in the Army he merely transferred the locale of his animal management […]