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The Story of the USS Chattanooga, a “home-made” steamboat built by the Quartermaster Department in October 1863 to carry supplies to General Grant’s starving army at Chattanooga, Tennessee.  As told by Assistant Quartermaster William Le Duc, who “commanded”the Chattanooga. By William G. Le Duc, Brevet Brigadier-General and Assistant Quartermaster, U.S.V. In answer to the urgent […]

The Quartermaster’s Department, 1861-1864

The Quartermaster Review – September-October 1928 EDITOR’S NOTE.-The following article was supplied by Lt. Col. A. B. Warfield, Q. M. C., and furnishes invaluable information as to the functioning of the Quartermaster Corps during the Civil War period–nothing, however, being discussed that does not apply as well today as it did then, which makes the […]

Nathanael Greene and the Supply of the Continental Army

By Edward Payson The Quartermaster Review May-June 1950 It was March 1778 and on the hills of Valley Forge, rising above the Sehuylkill River, lay the winter quarters of George Washington ‘s Continental Army.  On this scenically beautiful spot, commanding a broad panorama of the fertile Pennsylvania countryside, the great Virginian had stood guard all […]