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Topic: Bosnia (Humanitarian Airdrop) & New Technology

Joint Mortuary Support in Operation Joint Endeavor

David B. Roath¬† CPT Robert A. Jensen Quartermater Professional Bulletin – Summer 1996 Europe’s longest conflict since World War II started with a flare-up in Yugoslavia’s northwestern tip. It was enough to shock many. Much worse was to come. Exactly 1,606 days passed between those first shots in the Yugoslav republic of Slovenia and the […]

Operation Joint Endeavor – An NCO Perspective

SSG Randy E. Posey & SGT Cedric T. Riggins Quartermaster Professional Bulletin – Summer 1996 Peace enforcement operations: a new term in the Quartermaster dictionary. Quartermasters have had some opportunities to define and explore this new support concept. With the Army’s focus changing from forward presence to force projection, Quartermaster soldiers have played exciting roles. […]

Operation Provide Promise -Resupplying the Bosnians

CPT Jordan S. Chroman Quartermaster Professional Bulletin – Summer 1993 A 14-year-old boy brings his family 30 pounds of food in the Muslim enclave of Gorazde in eastern Bosnia. Food is scarce since fighting between Serb militias and Muslim rebels broke out 25 Jun 91, when Croatia and Slovenia declared their independence from Yugoslavia. Serbian […]

Operation Provide Promise: The Airdrop Phase

CPT Brian L. Williams CW3 Ken K. Studer CW2 Nancy E. Studer Quartermaster Professional Bulletin – Autumn 1993 Fighting in Eastern Bosnia-Hercegovenia (formerly Yugoslavia) between ethnic rivals has intensified. More and more civilians are being displaced. The populations of small, primarily Muslim townships are doubling and tripling as refugees flood in by the tens of […]

Emerging Technology in Airdrop Operations

CPT Stephen R. Davis CPT Mary E. Denniston CPT Edward F. Ehlers CPT John B. Hinson CPT Maria Ogden Quartermaster Professional Bulletin-Autumn 1997 Operation Provide Promise was the largest humanitarian airdrop operation in the history of the United States. Relief supplies to the former Republic of Yugoslavia (Bosnia-Herzegovina) started in February 1993 and officially ended […]