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Jeffersonville Quartermaster Intermediate Depot; History and Functions

By Lieut. Colonel C. S. HAMILTON, Q. M. C. The Quartermaster Review – July-August 1927 THE Jeffersonville Quartermaster  Intermediate Depot is located in the outskirts of Jeffersonville, Ind.  Its location in Jeffersonville is particularly fortunate. This city, with a population of 15,000, lies just across the Ohio River from Louisville, Ky., with a population of […]

Looted Art Treasures Go Back to France

By Major Edward E. Adams, Q.M.C. The Quartermaster Review September-October 1946 Experiences of a QM officer detailed to pack and return art looted by the Nazis in World War II. Shortly after VJ-day I was assigned to the Monuments, Fine Arts, and Archives Section of the Restitution Control Branch of USFET. It was a growing […]

The Enchanted Forest

By MAJOR JOHN A PORTER, Q.M.C. The Quartermaster Review March-April 1934 Army Quartermaster support to the Civilian Conservation Corps during the Great Depression Webmasters note:  The Quartermaster Corps’ role in this great endeavor was to supply on short notice a hastily mobilized “army” of domestic workers, a force almost three times that of the Regular […]

Quartermaster African-American History Resources

Quartermaster Articles Links to Other Sites An index of pages on the Quartermaster Museum/Foundation websites related to African-American history. Private George Watson Medal of Honor, World War II  Quartermaster Pvt. George Watson, who was posthumously awarded the Medal of Honor for his actions during World War II Mettle Without Medals, The Story of the 4009th […]

Desert Shield-1990

Water Purification NCO checking PH balance of stored water

259th Quartermaster Battalion

U.S. Army Reserve unit from Pleasant Grove, Utah, the only Army Reserve Petroleum Battalion which served on active duty in Vietnam In March 1968, the 259th Quartermaster Battalion, a U.S. Army Reserve unit from Pleasant Grove, Utah, was called to active duty in Vietnam. It was one of only 35 Reserve units activated for Vietnam […]

The POL Story: To Keep ‘Em Running

Extracted from the Magazine of the 1st Logistical Command, Vietnam, April 1968 Petroleum operations of the 1st Logistical Command, Vietnam, 1968 Utilizing ocean-going tankers, fixed and rotary wing aircraft, tanker trucks, and multi-product pipelines, the 1st Logistical Command distributes more than 100 million gallons of jet, diesel, aviation and motor gasoline monthly to U.S. and […]