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Help us Preserve Quartermaster History!

Financial Contributions

Your donations are highly appreciated as government funds are not available for facility construction or new acquisitions for the Quartermaster Museum. Any donation of funds to the U.S. Army Quartermaster Museum are administered by the Army Quartermaster Foundation. Donations of any size are welcome and appreciated. All donated funds go to support the operations of the Museum and the Quartermaster Foundation.

Contributions to the Foundation are deductible from federal income taxes under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

The Quartermaster Museum was built and established through a strong legacy of philanthropic support. It is only through the numerous contributions that the Museum has reached its current level of excellence. To all donors, past, present and future – thank you.

If you would like to donate with a check, mail it to our office at:
Army Quartermaster Foundation
PO Box 5230
Fort Lee, VA 23801

The Sword & Key Gift Shop handles all credit card donations for the Army Quartermasters Foundation through Pay Pal.  To process a donation with a credit card, please click the donation button below.

Donations of Artifacts, Photographs, and Archival Materials

The mission of the US Army Quartermaster Museum is to collect, preserve, and exhibit objects of interest to the history of the Quartermaster Corps. To accomplish this goal, the Museum acquires a wide variety of artifacts and historic materials for use in exhibits, as reference materials, and to assist in the conduct of original research on Quartermaster Corps history. The US Army Quartermaster Museum follows the ethical guidelines for acquiring artifacts established by the American Association of Museums (AAM).

Historic Artifacts: The Museum collects three-dimensional artifacts (for example: vehicles, uniforms, weapons, personal effects, etc.) in a selective and responsible manner. The Museum will accept only those items that the Museum can utilize and has the resources to professionally care for. If you have artifacts that you would like to donate to the Museum, please contact Luther Hanson, Curator, US Army Quartermaster Museum at: [email protected].

Photographs and Archival Materials: Original documents are crucial to the mission of the Museum. The museum curator and researchers utilize photographs, personal papers and correspondence, official records, log books, etc. as part of the research required to prepare new exhibits and to prepare new publications. Archival materials of this kind are housed in the Pieklik Research and Learning Center.

If you have any photographs, letters, official records, log books, etc., and wish to donate them to the Pieklik Research and Learning Center, please contact Correy Twilley, Curator, US Army Quartermaster Museum at: [email protected].

Please do not bring any artifacts, photographs, or other archival materials to the museum without first speaking with a Museum representative. The US Army Quartermaster Museum will NOT be responsible for any items left at the Museum without prior approval of a Museum staff member.