What We Do

The Army Quartermaster Foundation, in its capacity as an educational 501c(3) organization, provides funds for the Army Quartermaster Museum that are not available through normal military  appropriations. Our funding plays a significant role in maintaining the museum’s reputation as one of the top facilities in the military museum system.  Our efforts have focused on three key areas of support – educational outreach, facilities expansion and upgrade, and artifact acquisition, restoration and preservation.  Here you will find examples of how we support the museum in our shared mission of preserving the history and heritage of the Quartermaster Corps.

Education Programs

Develop and deliver instructional programs that target local schools and the community

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Historically the Foundation has funded a variety of instructional programs for K-12 students in local area schools. These programs addressed standards of learning in the subjects of math, science, and history and were presented in person by our educators at the museum or on site at the school. Several thousand school children received training in recent years via a face-to-face outreach methodology. We are now in the process of developing virtual instructional that targets not only local school children, but community organizations in neighboring areas as well. We remain committed to exploring alternative methodologies for education outreach.

A Woolridge Elementary School third grade class participates in the Gizmos module of the legacy Education Outreach Program

Foundation member participates in MOS 92F Heritage Training session

Artifact Acquisition, Restoration, and Preservation

Provide funding to acquire, restore and repair artifacts prior to display in the Museum

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For the most part artifacts at the museum are acquired through donations made by private individuals or Government/military agencies. In many cases these artifacts require some form of restoration, repair or preservation prior to being displayed in a gallery.  The Army Quartermaster Foundation is the primary source for the funding of these efforts. Occasionally we are asked to purchase key artifacts for museum display. Shown here are just a few of the most recent projects either partially or totally funded by the Foundation.

Restoration of Woodrow Wilson’s Presidential Flag

Restoration of Brigadier General Thomas S. Jesup’s Chapeau

Purchase WWII 2 ½-Ton Refueling Truck

Painting cost of UH-1 Helicopter in the Aerial Delivery gallery

Preservation of WWII food service training films through digitization

Facilities Expansion and Upgrade

Raise funds to expand and upgrade the Quartermaster Museum facilities

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The Army Quartermaster Museum was built with private and Quartermaster Foundation funds and over the years the museum has been able to expand and upgrade its building and facilities with the assistance of the Army Quartermaster Foundation.  Shown in the pictures are past museum upgrades and expansion projects funded fully or in part by the Quartermaster Foundation.

Added a new rear entrance.  Funds provided by the Foundation were matched by a state grant.

4200 sq ft expansion for Pieklik Research and Learning Center

LTG Arthur and Charlene Gregg Honors Wall

4000 sq ft expansion for Multi-Purpose Conference and Training Center

1200 sq ft expansion for 100 seat Littlejohn Auditorium

Refurbished Subsistence Gallery – New flooring, printing, and state-of-the-art cabinets.