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What We Do

Although Government appropriations fund the daily routine operations and maintenance of the Army Quartermaster Foundation, there are other numerous projects and services that require outside funding. This is where the Army Quartermaster Foundation makes a significant contribution that helps to maintain the Museum’s reputation as one of the top facilities in the military museum system. Here you will find just a few examples of our recent financial contributions to the museum and its mission of recognizing the history and heritage of the Quartermaster Corps.


Educational Outreach – Each year the Army Quartermaster Museum hosts hundreds of local school children to participate in educational activities that utilize museum exhibits and facilities to further their attainment of state mandated standards of learning. The foundation makes this program possible through a generous gift that funds the program’s educators and training materials. (pick up from supplied document describing the various programs).

Artifact Acquisition, Restoration, and Preservation – For the most part artifacts at the museum are acquired through donations made by private individuals or Government/military agencies. In many cases these artifacts require some form of restoration, repair or preservation prior to being displayed in a gallery. The Army Quartermaster Foundation is primarily the source for the funding of these efforts. Occasionally we are asked to purchase key artifacts for museum display. Shown below are just a few of the most recent projects either partially or totally funded by the museum.

Facilities Expansion and Upgrade – The Army Quartermaster Museum was built with private and Quartermaster Foundation funds and over the years the museum has been able to expand its building and facility primarily through the efforts of the Quartermaster Foundation since these funds are usually not available through Government appropriations. Shown below are recent museum upgrades and expansion projects funded by our Foundation.

Right of Passage – A longstanding tradition of the Army is the transition of a recruit’s life that strips that person of their original role of a civilian and prepares them for their new role as a member of the military. For the Army Quartermaster that transition happens at Fort Lee where soldiers receive their Advanced Individual Training (AIT) in various Quartermaster missions and functions. Their rite of passage is embedded in their training and it includes an introduction to the history and heritage of the Quartermaster Corps and the stories of the soldiers who preceded them. The Foundation participates in this “rite” when the new soldiers tour the Quartermaster Museum. During the tour, they receive a brief introduction of the Corps’ importance to the overall mission of the Army from a foundation board member volunteer.