Meet Our Officers

MG Richard E. Beale, Jr
Foundation President

MG Barry D. Bates
Vice President

Mr. Robert Sempek

CSM Stephen A. Ball

Meet Our Directors

The Army Quartermaster Foundation Board of Directors is vested with the governance and management of all affairs, property and interests of the Foundation.

MG Harold G. Bunch
CSM Stephen R. Ball
Ms Nancy B. Briggs

SGM Joseph W. Brundy
MG Genaro J. Dellarocco
COL Steven M. Green
COL Marshall J. Jones

Mr. Nick Ledanski
Dr Ellen Pruett
CSM June E. Seay

LTC Robert Sempek
COL Robert Vaughan
SGM Mark W. Warren
LTC John G. Woyansky

Meet Our Advisors

The Board of Directors appoints retired Quartermasters with significant interest in or past work on behalf of the Foundation’s aims and purposes to provide advice and counsel on critical plans and decisions.

MG Celia L. Adolphi
SES George H. Allen
LTC Kent A. D. Clark
GEN Ann E. Dunwoody


MG Kevin V. Leonard
MG Robert C. Gaskill
LTG Arthur J. Gregg
CSM Milton B. Hazzard

MG Daniel Mongeon
CW5 Rufus N. Montgomery Sr.
MG Hawthorne L. Proctor             BG Billy J.  Stalcup                         LTC Donald Vtipil


Note: All listed military personnel are retired from active service.