What is Roll Call?

The Army Quartermaster Roll Call is a permanent register at the Quartermaster Museum of the men and women of the Quartermaster Corps. It fills a simply stated goal: to be the only place in the world that preserves for public viewing, for all time, the names of the members of the Quartermaster Corps, past, present and future. The Roll Call contains the name, place and date of birth, dates of service, unit of assignment, and highest rank and grade of those individuals that have enrolled as subscribers. Currently over 35,000 Quartermaster soldiers are listed in the Roll Call.

The Roll Call is a constantly renewing record that is never finished, as subscriptions/updates by and on behalf of today’s soldiers and veterans are added to the rolls. Names in the Roll Call are displayed electronically on a touch screen monitor located within the Army Quartermaster Museum, Fort Lee, Virginia. Museum visitors are invited to search the Roll Call for individual records. Subscribers may also view their record at any time on this website.

Subscribers to the Roll Call will receive a handsome, full-color, photographic quality, picture of their actual individual entry (8 1/2″ x 11″ suitable for framing). Friends of Quartermaster Corps and family members are welcome as honorary subscribers.

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Enroll Online

To become a subscriber of The Roll Call a donation of $25 is requested. To enroll simply fill out the form on this page.

To update photo or verbal content a fee of $10 is requested with the updated item(s) & completed form on this page with checked update box.

By Mail

  1. Download and mail in this form
  2. Enclose a check for $25 (enroll) $10 (update)
  3. Include photograph (recommended). Subscriptions without photograph will be substituted with a silhouette image.

Mail your completed form to:

Army Quartermaster Foundation
Attn: Roll Call
P.O. Box 5230
Fort Lee, VA 23801

Assistance/Inquiry: Email Us or call 804-734-4339 (Tues thru Thursday 9am-3pm)