US Army Quartermaster Corps


The Quartermaster Hall of Fame award is the highest form of recognition the Corps offers. This much coveted award honors individuals who are judged to have made the most significant contributions to the overall history and traditions of the Quartermaster Corps.

COL John E. Hall
Class of 2023

Colonel Hall’s distinguished career spanned over 45 years as an Officer and Federal Employee. Colonel Hall successfully commanded at all levels and is currently serving at the highest level of the Senior Executive Service.

Colonel Hall served 15 years as a member of the Senior Executive Service at Inter-Agency, Defense agency and Army levels solving complex problems through devising and implementing innovative Defense and Army-wide solutions in a cost effective, mission-success manner. He was selected by the Deputy Secretary of Defense to serve as Director of the Defense Element of the DOD/HHS COVID 19 Countermeasures Acceleration Group and while in that position. He coordinated the supply, production and delivery of over 200M vaccines, effectively integrated the operations of 11 government agencies and five (5) industry partners (at the COO level) and oversaw the contract award for three separate contracts for 450M booster doses. He further supervised multiple contract awards totaling over $2.5B and established capacity to produce over 2B doses of the COVID vaccine annually in support of future pandemics.

Colonel Hall’s inspirational and infectious leadership, coupled with his sound understanding of tactical, operational, and strategic level operations, significantly influenced commanders at all levels who lead Quartermaster organizations, both in peace and in war. His extraordinary contributions in many key assignments proved critical in promoting and ensuring continued independence, growth, and relevance of the Quartermaster Corps. Through his service, Colonel Hall continues to have a profound and positive impact on this Nation.