US Army Quartermaster Corps


The Quartermaster Hall of Fame award is the highest form of recognition the Corps offers. This much coveted award honors individuals who are judged to have made the most significant contributions to the overall history and traditions of the Quartermaster Corps.

CW5 John A. O’Mara
Class of 2003

CW5 O’Mara was born in Holley, New York and entered service as an enlisted soldier in December 1967. He was appointed as a Warrant Officer in 1975 at Fort Campbell, Kentucky. Since his appointment, CW5 O’Mara has distinguished himself in a variety of challenging and critical Quartermaster assignments both in the United States and at key places around the world.

In the late 1970s, CW5 O’Mara served as a Property Book Officer for the 1st / 2nd Air Defense Artillery Battalion in Sihung, Korea (and among his other duties there was S-4 when the slaying incident occurred on the DMZ). Subsequent Property Book and Accounting assignments included: with the 101st Airborne Division (1977-79); 5th Group in Buren, Germany (1979-82); 4th Infantry Division at Fort Carson, Colorado (1983-85, 1986-89, 1993-96); 2nd Infantry Division at Camp Casey, Korea; and the 66th Maintenance Battalion at Kaiserslautern, Germany (1989-93).

From 1996 to 2000, CW5 O’Mara served as the Quartermaster Regimental Chief Warrant Officer at Fort Lee, and was principal advisor to the Quartermaster General on all matters relating to Quartermaster Warrant Officers. As such he successfully worked to establish new Quartermaster CW5 positions throughout the Army inventory. He also reestablished the Quartermaster Warrant Officer Conference that saw annual attendance of upward of 400 QM Warrant Officers coming to Fort Lee each year; and also instituted an electronic networking system and automated roster to facilitate effective communication with Quartermaster Warrant Officers worldwide.

For nearly 33 years, CW5 O’Mara served with distinction, honor and excellence at every assignment – while truly epitomizing the best in what the Army calls its “Quiet Professionals.”