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K-12 Educational Outreach

Each year the Army Quartermaster Museum hosts hundreds of local school children to participate in educational activities that utilize museum exhibits and facilities to further their attainment of state mandated standards of learning. The foundation makes this program possible through a generous gift that funds the program’s educators and training materials. (pick up from supplied document describing the various programs)

Our comprehensive Touching the Past curriculum includes a variety of programs tailored to specific grade levels (preK-12) and designed to address specific sets of SOLs within a grade level, incorporating gallery and classroom activities that encourage creative expression and reinforce critical thinking skills.

Pre-K and Kindergarten
When I Grow Up… introduces kindergarten students to many careers in both civilian and military spheres. Students try on the hats and tools of civilian careers, then explore the galleries to learn more about jobs in the military. Students receive a “career” coloring book to enjoy at school or home.

First Grade
Based on the symbols of American patriotism, Logo Lingo requires students to collect “pieces” of our history while identifying major historical figures. Following the gallery exploration, small groups work to solve the “puzzle.” A math graphing activity may be used to extend the experience at school.

Second Grade
In Tricked-Out Transportation, students learn to identify four specific historical time periods, various modes of transportation, changes in technology over time, and concepts of past and present. In the galleries, students collect data to create graphs.

Third Grade
Gizmos, one of our most popular offerings, is a unique math/science-focused program about simple machines in a history-based museum allowing for cross-curricular activities that expose students to several disciplines at once.

Fourth Grade
To learn about the regions and resources of Virginia, students create an interactive, The Boat Stops Here, map by placing Virginia’s resources in appropriate geographic regions. During the gallery activity, students realize that an area’s geography has a significant impact on Quartermaster soldiers and the challenges they must meet to complete their mission of supply.

Fifth and Sixth Grade
What IZ It? allows students to expand critical thinking skills through an artifact identification program. Students use their senses to identify hidden objects, trying to discover who used it, how it was used, and why it was important. After making tactile inferences, students explore galleries to find the “real things” and put them into historical perspective.

Seventh Grade
An Adventure Through History provides a comprehensive SOL review as students literally walk through time. They will stand beside soldiers during the Battle of Little Big Horn and walk in Eisenhower’s footsteps as he nervously awaited word of the D-Day invasion. Students will make connections between the captains of industry and General Patton in an unforgettable way. With the help of “Bessie” the cow, students will visualize the Domino Theory and understand the Cold War. Primary documents, images and artifacts further enhance the learning experience.

Middle and High School
The World War II outreach program (grades 6-12) focuses on the issues that led to war, significant battles and key leaders, the roles of the Quartermaster soldier, the changing women’s roles during and after the war, and the Holocaust. This hands on program addresses not only the Virginia Standards of Learning, but also encourages the students to investigate their own histories to demonstrate that history can be uncovered from sources other than school or text books.

Other program offerings for multiple grade levels and ages:

Quest for Knowledge
Discover the hidden “gems” of knowledge sprinkled throughout the Quartermaster Museum. With your team, journey on a quest, which incorporates map skills, critical thinking, and friendly competition. Each Quest for Knowledge is designed to meet the SOL requirements of the grade level participating.

In this program, students will meet some “heroes” in the Quartermaster Museum and learn their roles in the US Army. Students will gain an understanding of how circumstances may define a hero’s choices. At the conclusion of this program, we hope that students will realize that everyone has “hero” potential.