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Topic: General History

The Quartermaster Song & The Quartermaster Marching Song

The Quartermaster Song – 1941 Every branch of service needs a song to identify with. A tune that sticks in your head long after you wish it wouldn’t. With lyrics that fire the imagination and let others know what you’re about. The Quartermaster Corps is no exception. After some 166 years of relative silence in […]

Famous Former Quartermasters

Former members of the Quartermaster Corps include U.S. Presidents, military heroes and prominent citizens. From the American Revolution to about 1912, officers and noncommissioned officers were detailed from the Infantry, Artillery and Cavalry to the Quartermaster Department. With the expansion of the Armed Forces during the various conflicts of the 20th Century a number of […]

Quartermaster Corps Regimental Coat of Arms

The Coat of Arms for the Quartermaster Corps was authorized by the U.S. Army Institute of Heraldry effective 16 June 1994.   A Coat of Arms has always been an object of pride which symbolizes the past deeds of the unit it represents.  The coat of arms appears on the breast of a displayed eagle […]

Private George Watson Medal of Honor, World War II

Private George Watson Medal of Honor, World War II Medal of Honor Citation Background Information Watson Painting USNS WATSON – Ship Named After Watson Medal of Honor Citation Private Watson, a member of the 29th Quartermaster Regiment, was on board a ship hit by Japanese bombers off the coast of New Guinea on 8 March […]


I am Quartermaster My story is enfolded in the history of this nation. Sustainer of Armies… My forges burned at Valley Forge. Down frozen, rutted roads my oxen hauled the meager foods a bankrupt Congress sent me… Scant rations for the cold and starving troops, Gunpowder, salt, and lead. In 1812 we sailed to war […]

Quartermaster Corps Branch Insignia

Quartermaster Corps Branch Insignia Original Design 1896 War Department General Order #40 of 3 September 1896 authorized the sword, key, wheel and eagle as the insignia of the Quartermaster Corps. The insignia was designed by Captain Oscar F. Long at the direction of the Quartermaster General, Brigadier General Richard Batchelder. This insignia is different from […]

Origin of the Term “Quartermaster”

Though the Quartermaster supply function is as old as the first army that took the field, the term “Quartermaster” seems to have come into general usage with the rise of standing armies in the 16th century.  Derived from the Old French quartier and the Latin quartarius, the term literally means master of quarters. In the […]

Quartermaster Medal of Honor Recipients

For a listing of all Medal of Honor Recipients go to the Army Center of Military History MOH Page. See Medal of Honor Description for Army, Navy and Air Force Medals of Honor with color illustrations For their valor Quartermaster soldiers have been awarded every medal this nation has allowed — including more than two […]

Quartermaster Generals

Rank & Name From To Note MG Thomas Mifflin 14 August 1775 16 May 1776 1 COL Stephen Moylan 5 June 1776 27 September 1776 MG Thomas Mifflin 1 October 1776 17 November 1777 MG Nathanael Greene 2 March 1778 5 August 1780 COL Timothy Pickering 5 August 1780 25 July 1785 2 Samuel Hodgdon […]

Other Resources

(Note: All WWW addresses were verified as live before this page was posted. Keep in mind that web addresses change and disappear without notice.) The US Army Heritage & Education Center at Carlisle Barracks, PA. They may by chance have something on your unit in their extensive archives. Their website is at: http://www.carlisle.army.mil/ahec The National […]