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Tailor to Millions

Harold P. GodwinThe Quartermaster ReviewMay-June 1945 Looking at today’s trim, well-fitted GIs, a soldier of World War I must wonder, when he remembers the day he was bundled into his serviceable but none-too-snappy uniform, with its peasant brogans and its wind-up...

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Lightweight Body Armor

By Ludlow KingQuartermaster Review March-April 1953Reprinted from the January-February Ordnance Lt. Rodney M. Brigg of the Body Armor Team, 40th Infantry Division, points to a bruise on Lt Frank Bassett, Co. G, 180th Inf Reg, made by hand grenade fragments. LT...

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Armored Vest Fact Sheet

Office of the Quartermaster GeneralWashington, D.C.23 December 1952 Army T-52-2 Armored Vest29 October 1952 Note: Despite the widespread popular use of the term, no military service has developed a practical "bullet-proof" vest. Vests made of any presently-developed...

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Winter Program Planning Korea

by Lt. Col. Vincent L. Corrado, Q.M.C.Quartermaster Review January-February 1954 SELF preservation is the greatest single motivating factor in man's existence. Physiologists, for the most part, agree that when survival is the prime issue, protection from the elements...

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