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The Quartermaster’s Department, 1861-1864

The Quartermaster Review – September-October 1928 EDITOR'S NOTE.-The following article was supplied by Lt. Col. A. B. Warfield, Q. M. C., and furnishes invaluable information as to the functioning of the Quartermaster Corps during the Civil War period--nothing,...

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Supplying Hell: The Campaign for Atlanta

by LT Nick OverbyQuartermaster Professional Bulletin-Winter 1992 "War is Hell" - the famous quote attributed to Major General William T. Sherman - was an understatement for the time and a reality for the soldiers of the Civil War. Unfortunately, historians and others...

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Lincoln & His Quartermaster General

The Story of Montgomery Cunningham Meigs From the Quartermaster Review, May-June 1950by LT. COL. HERBERT A. HALL Q.M.C. The President of the United States and the Quartermaster General of the Army faced each other in the latter’s office.  In one corner of the...

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Lieutenant Colonel Richard Batcheldor In October 1863 on the heels of the Battle of Gettysburg the Federal Army established headquarters in Culpeper, VA. Chief Quartermaster for the Second Corps, Lt. Col. Richard Batchelder was tasked with seeing that the 4,000...

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