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The Army Green Uniform

This document from the U.S. Army Quartermaster Museum Archives provides a well researched and written history of the Quartermaster Corps' development of the Army Green Uniform. TECHNICAL REPORT 68-41-CM  THE ARMY GREEN UNIFORM  by Stephen J. Kennedy and...

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The Army Dressed Up

Fashion Decrees Greenish-Grat for the Army Uniform in Place of Olice Drab, if the G.I. Approves the Change By Dr. Stephen J. KennedyThe Quartermaster Review - January/February 1952 A PROPOSED new Army uniform has just been issued for service test to two battalions of...

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Prestige of the Soldier

By MAJOR A. M. KAMP, JR.The Quartermaster Review - May/June 1954 The man was wearing the uniform of a soldier. He sauntered about the bus terminal with no apparent objective but to mingle with the people coming and going, and to stand in front of the magazine and...

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