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267th Quartermasters in Somalia

Quartermaster Professional Bulletin - Winter 1993LT Scott B. Tardif The soldiers of the 267th Quartermaster Company, 240th Quartermaster Battalion, joined units from 27 countries as part of the coalition task force in Somalia for Operation Restore Hope about one year...

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Logistics Support Activity in Somalia

CPT S. Carter CorselloQuartermaster Professional Bulletin - Winter 1993 Soldiers establishing camp operations at logistics support activity in Jilib, Somalia Operation Restore Hope served to illustrate a number of challenges that face logisticians in today's armed...

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Mortuary Affairs Support in Somalia

LT David B. Roath   SFC Frank NapoleonQuartermaster Professional Bulletin - Autumn 1993 Operations other than war (OOTW)-a new term in the Quartermaster dictionary. Quartermasters have had some opportunities to define and explore this new support concept....

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NCO Viewpoints From Somalia

Quartermaster Professional Bulletin - Winter 1993 The following are some first-hand observations of noncommissioned officers (NCOs) in the 267th Quartermaster Company, 240th Quartermaster Battalion, after deployment to Operation Restore Hope in Somalia.While in...

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Supply and Service in Somalia

CPT Larry NaylorQuartermaster Professional Bulletin - Spring 1994 The 364th Supply and Service Company at Fort Bragg, NC. first deployed to Somalia in January 1993. A small element of 30 personnel was tasked with purifying and distributing water to United Nations...

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Water Support in Somalia

SFC Kenneth E. Price, Jr.Quartermaster Professional Bulletin - Spring 1994 Quartermaster water support during Operation Restore Hope in Jilib, Somalia, reinforced one non-commissioned officer's viewpoint of the Army's need for strict sanitation requirements with water...

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