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The Quartermaster Remount Service

The Early Days The procurement and training of animals for military use has been a function of the Quartermaster Department since its inception in 1775. Animals were used for transporting supplies and men prior to the use of motor vehicles. At that time,...

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Horses and Mules and National Defense

1958, Office of the Quartermaster Generalby Mrs. Anna L. Waller NOTE: This document does not contain photographs and appendixes from the original publication. Compiled by Mrs. Anna L. Waller, Contracting Officer, Office of The Quartermaster General, for the Purchase...

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The Use of Horses and Mules in Modern Warfare

By CAPTAIN Louis B. Gerow, Q.M.C.The Quartermaster Review – November-December 1928 SUCH tremendous strides have been made in the manufacture and utilization of mechanical means, including transport, as exemplified by the mechanization and motorization programs adopted...

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The Remount Service Past and Present

By Major A. A. CEDERWALD, QM-Res.The Quartermaster Review – November-December 1928 IN TRACING the events that led up to the organization of the Remount Service, as we know it today, it seems desirable, purely as an historical recital, to state briefly the efforts made...

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The Front Royal Remount Depot

Quartermaster Review 1930By LT. COLONEL S. C. REYNOLDS, Q. M. C.The Quartermaster Review – September-October 1930 The Front Royal Remount Quartermaster Depot is situated about two miles southeast of Front Royal, Virginia on the slopes of the Blue Ridge Mountains. The...

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By Major Lee 0. Hill Q.M.C.Quartermaster Review March-April 1952 Major Lee 0. Hill, Chief, Remount Branch, Field Service Division, OQMG, was born on a ranch in Texas and was at home in the saddle at a very early age. Then he enlisted in the Army he merely transferred...

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Remount in Italy

The Quartermaster Review - March/April 1946 The terrain of Italy made the military deployment of animals necessary. The Germans for many years used the horse successfully in modern warfare. An example of the number used is illustrated by the table of organization for...

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Last Cavalry Horse is Historic Symbol

The Pentagram News, Washington D.C.March 24, 1966 CHIEF, the last living cavalry horse still carried on government rolls, was foaled in 1932 and purchased by the Army in 1940 at Ft.Robinson, Neb. In December of 1949 he was placed in semi-retirement and was fully...

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The Mules of Mars

1st Lt. Don L. Thrapp, Q.M.C.The Quartermaster ReviewMay-June 1946 MOST people think a Quartermaster has about; as much business in a combat outfit as a steer in a breeding corral, but the QMC is a diversified outfit and its members sometimes find themselves dodging...

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