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Effects Depot

Colonel A.C. Ramsey, Q.M.C.The Quartermaster ReviewSeptember-October 1945   LOCATED at Folembray, France, fourteen miles from Soissons, and five miles from Chauny, near the site of one of the German "Big Bertha" guns which shelled Paris during the last war,...

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Graves Registration

Quartermaster Review-May/June 1946Graves Registration search and recovery operations after World War II Note: At the time this article was written the term Graves Registration was used for what is now call Mortuary Affairs. The most intensive search in history is...

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With All Due Honors

Dr. Steven AndersQuartermaster Professional Bulletin - Autumn/Winter 1994CARE OF THE WAR DEAD . . . During World War II, the U.S. Government called to service approximately 15,000,000 men and women. The number of American war dead totaled around 359,000, of which...

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Tell Me About My Boy

1946 Pamphlet Produced by the Quartermaster Corps for Next of Kin of Deceased Service Personnel from World War II "Tell me about my boy” is the request most frequently sent to the quartermaster general of the army by next of kin who want additional information on the...

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