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Water Support in Somalia

SFC Kenneth E. Price, Jr.Quartermaster Professional Bulletin - Spring 1994 Quartermaster water support during Operation Restore Hope in Jilib, Somalia, reinforced one non-commissioned officer's viewpoint of the Army's need for strict sanitation requirements with water...

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14th Quartermaster Detachment

This detachment suffered the greatest number of casualties of any allied unit during Operation Desert Storm due to a SCUD Missile attack on February 25, 1991. Members of the 14th Quartermaster Detachment receive a hero's welcome at Latrobe Airport, Pennsylvania, March...

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Water Operations Overview

David L. BruenQuartermaster Professional Bulletin - Spring 1994 Overview on the transition of the Water Operations mission and training from the Engineer to the Quartermaster Corps in 1981 The Petroleum and Water Department at the U.S. Army Quartermaster Center and...

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Water Purification in War

Major Howard McCyostFebruary 1920Quartermaster Service NewsReprinted in the Quartermaster Professional Bulletin - March 1988 Water purification during and after World War I Wholesome drinking water has become recognized as one of the important elements entering into...

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