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They Wrote a Book

By Lieutenant Gordon C. BennettQuartermaster Review January-February 1953 "When there is no book, write the book!" Members of the 8081st Army Unit (full designation: Quartermaster Airborne Air Supply & Packaging Company) were faced with this alternative a few...

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Aerial Delivery of Supplies

MAJOR RAYMOND C. ALTERMATT, Q.M.C.The Quartermaster ReviewSeptember-October 1945 The origin of the parachute dates back many years. The first record of its use was described by a passenger of a burning balloon, who made a successful escape by parachute in July 1908....

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Quartermaster Aerial Delivery

The Story of the Airborne Rigger Compiled from the Archives of the US Army Quartermaster Museum and oral interviewsby K. Born Introduction In the spring of 1950, with the start of the Korean War, the Quartermaster Corps was formally assigned the mission of...

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