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World War II 1942-45

Airborne DivisionAirborne Quartermaster CompanyParachute Maintenance Company
1st Airborne
Task Force#
334th Quartermaster Depot Supply CompanyUnkn
#Provisional 7th Army Airborne Division that air-assaulted
into Southern France
*planned in 1943, but never formed

Post-World War II/Korean War

Airborne Divisions 1945-57Airborne Quartermaster CompanyParachute Maintenance Company
(Inactivated 1945)
*Reactivated & redesignated as the 521st Airborne Quartermaster Parachute Maintenance Company in Aug 1950

Reserve Airborne Divisions  1946-1952


Airborne Regimental Combat Teams 1950-1957

187th187th Platoon187th Detachment
508th?508th QM Parachute Maint Detachment
Korean War Era
Non-Divisional Aerial Delivery Units 
# 248th Quartermaster Detachment1st SF Group, Okinawa (around 1957)
# 306th Quartermaster Aerial Supply CompanyFort Bragg, NC
519th Airborne Quartermaster Company508th Abn Regt Combat Team 1951-57
557th Quartermaster Aerial Supply CompanyFort Bragg, NC & 7th Army, Germany
558th Quartermaster Aerial Supply CompanyFort Richardson, Alaska
601st Quartermaster Aerial Supply CompanyAttached, 11th Abn Div
Fort Campbell, KY
610th Quartermaster Aerial Supply CompanyFort Bragg, NC
612th Quartermaster Aerial Supply Company306th Logistic Command
Fort Bragg, NC
623rd Quartermaster Air Equipment Repair CompanyInfantry Center, 3rd Army
Fort Benning, GA
7720th Parachute Packing and Repair DetachmentColeman Barracks,
Mannheim, Germany
7772nd Quartermaster Parachute Packing & Repair DetachmentHQ, Area Command
Heidelberg, Germany
8081st Quartermaster Aerial Supply Company*Far East Command, Japan
8190th Army Unit
Quartermaster Maintenance Detachment
443rd QM Maintenance Depot,
790th Reclamation & Maintenance Company
*Activated as 2348th Quartermaster Airborne Air Supply and Packaging Company was also called the 8081st Army Unit
# Possible Aerial Delivery Units, not confirmed

Pentomic Era Airborne Divisions  1957-63

Airborne DivisionSupply and Transportation CompanyParachute Supply &
Maintenance Company

Vietnam-Era Airborne Divisions/Brigades

82nd Airborne Division502d & 82nd Supply & Air Equipment Support Companies
3rd Brigade (Separate)
82nd Airborne Division
Vietnam 1968-1969
82nd Support Battalion
101st Airborne Division426th & 321st Supply & Air Equipment Support Companies
1st Brigade (Separate)
101st Airborne Division
Vietnam 1965-1967
101st Support Battalion
3rd Brigade
101st Airborne Division (Air Assault)
Fort Campbell, KY  1972-1974
504th Quartermaster Company Aerial Delivery
1st Brigade (Airborne)
1st Cavalry Division (Airmobile)
Vietnam 1965-1966
Aerial Equipment Supply Detachment
Support Company, 15th Supply & Services Battalion
1st Brigade (Airborne)
8th Infantry Division (Mechanized)
Germany 1963-1973
11th Parachute Supply & Maintenance Company
1st Brigade
11th Air Assault Division (Test)
Fort Benning, GA  1963-1965
165th Aerial Equipment Supply Detachment
36th Airborne Brigade
Texas National Guard  1973-1980
71st Airborne Brigade
Texas National Guard 1968-1973
371st Support Battalion
173rd Airborne Brigade (Separate)
Vietnam 1963-1972
Air Equipment Support Platoon, C Company
173rd Support Battalion

Vietnam Era Aerial Delivery Units

101st Quartermaster Company (Provisional)
Air Equipment Support
Fort Campbell/Vietnam
109th Quartermaster Company
(Air Delivery)
Fort Campbell/Vietnam
383rd Quartermaster Detachment
(Air Equipment Supply)
549th Quartermaster Company
(Air Delivery)
623rd Quartermaster Company
(Air Equipment Repair Depot)
Fort Bragg/Vietnam

U.S. Army Reserve Aerial Delivery Units 1970s to 1990

421st Quartermaster Company
(Aerial Delivery)
81st ARCOM
431st Quartermaster Company
(Aerial Delivery Equipment Repair & Supply)
123rd ARCOM
775th Quartermaster Company
(Aerial Delivery)
103rd Support Brigade
824th Quartermaster Company
(Aerial Delivery)
120th ARCOM
861st Quartermaster Company
(Aerial Delivery Equipment Repair & Supply)
121st ARCOM

Aerial Delivery Units 1970s-1990s (Inactivated or Redesignated)

Rigger Detachment7th Supply & Trans Bn, 7th Inf Div 1988-1990
49th Quartermaster Detachment
(Air Drop)
Fort Bragg, NC
51st Quartermaster Detachment
(Air Drop)
Fort Bragg, NC
53rd Quartermaster Detachment
(Airdrop Support)
Fort Campbell, KY
Company E, 407th Supply & Transportation Battalion, 82nd Airborne DivisionFort Bragg, NC
* E Company, 426th Supply & Transportation BattalionFort Campbell, KY
*  Predecessor to the 53rd Quartermaster Detachment

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