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Fuels & Lubricants for Johnny Doughboy

LIEUTENANT JOHN K. EVANS, Q.M.C.The Quartermaster ReviewMay-June 1944   AN ARMY marches on its wheels these days, and without fuels and lubricants those wheels bog down in a morass of despair and ultimate defeat. Even in the First World War it was said that...

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Fueling Up for D-Day

WWII gasoline supply in England  in support of the invasion of France, June 6, 1944Quartermaster Technical Bulletin - 26 Oct 1944 D-Day for the French invasion was just another busy day in the life of the Quartermasters who ran the Petrol, Oil and Lubricants...

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POL on the Red Ball Express

Dr. Steven E. AndersQuartermaster Professional Bulletin, Spring 1989 Getting fuel from the beach to the front lines as U.S. Divisions raced across France in 1944. The introduction of motorized vehicles and equipment at the beginning of the twentieth century has...

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