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QM Distributuion System in Korea

By LTC IRWIN A. DAHL, QMCThe Quartermaster ReviewJanuary-February 1954  THE SOLUTION of logistical problems arising during an active campaign must reflect an adjustment between lessons derived from previous operations and existing conditions. The factors...

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An Army on Wheels

By Corporal Mel ScottThe Quartermaster Review(January-February 1951) An article on the 2nd Quartermaster Company, 2nd Infantry Division in Korea A long procession of trucks moved slowly down the main U. S. supply route toward a railhead. A sentry walking his post...

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QM Operations – 1st Cavalry Division, Korea

By 1st LT. Charles A. RogersQuartermaster Review July-August 1951 Nailed to a tree on a typical dust-laden Korean road, a roughly lettered cardboard plaque reads: "______QM." Innocuous and insignificant, it in no way reveals what it symbolizes: nine months of history,...

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QM Support for Big Switch

by 2nd Lt. Richard L. Henson, QMCQuartermaster Review January-February 1954 EARLY in July of 1951 truce negotiations at Panmunjom, Korea, began. One of the important discussion topics was the exchange of prisoners of war. The final outcome of this topic in the truce...

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QM Trucking Operations in Korea

By LT. James E. Woolsen, QMCQuartermaster Review November-December 1953 DIVISION Quartermaster trucking missions in the combat zone are as diversified as they are numerous, and not necessarily limited to the support of Quartermaster operations. Often where a railhead...

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By MAJOR LEE 0. HILL Q.M.C.Quartermaster Review March-April 1952 Major Lee 0. Hill, Chief, Remount Branch, Field Service Division, OQMG, was born on a ranch in Texas and was at home in the saddle at a very early age. Then he enlisted in the Army he merely transferred...

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Lightweight Body Armor

By Ludlow KingQuartermaster Review March-April 1953Reprinted from the January-February Ordnance Lt. Rodney M. Brigg of the Body Armor Team, 40th Infantry Division, points to a bruise on Lt Frank Bassett, Co. G, 180th Inf Reg, made by hand grenade fragments. LT...

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Armored Vest Fact Sheet

Office of the Quartermaster GeneralWashington, D.C.23 December 1952 Army T-52-2 Armored Vest29 October 1952 Note: Despite the widespread popular use of the term, no military service has developed a practical "bullet-proof" vest. Vests made of any presently-developed...

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Winter Program Planning Korea

by Lt. Col. Vincent L. Corrado, Q.M.C.Quartermaster Review January-February 1954 SELF preservation is the greatest single motivating factor in man's existence. Physiologists, for the most part, agree that when survival is the prime issue, protection from the elements...

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