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Aerial Delivery of Supplies

MAJOR RAYMOND C. ALTERMATT, Q.M.C.The Quartermaster ReviewSeptember-October 1945 The origin of the parachute dates back many years. The first record of its use was described by a passenger of a burning balloon, who made a successful escape by parachute in July 1908....

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Introducing the AMSAC

The Quartermaster ReviewMay-June 1945   A  NEW streamlined container for dropping supplies by parachute has just been perfected by the SOS quartermasters of the India-Burma Theatre.  It's called "Amsac" - American sack - and the most rigid tests...

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Bundles from the Sky

Dr. Steven AndersQuartermaster Professional Bulletin - Autumn/Winter 1994 Historical Background. The idea of dropping people and things safely out of the sky has been around for a long time. As far back as the late 15th century, the Italian genius, Leonardo da Vinci,...

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