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Flying Quartermasters

By PVT. Tony RickettiQuartermaster Review September-October 1953 When it comes to handing out plaudits to the Army the Marines generally change the conversation to the Halls of Montezuma or talk about the weather. But if the talk gets around to the day the Army’s...

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Air Supply on the Salween River Front

he Quartermaster ReviewMarch-April 1945   Airdrop operations in the first sustained Chinese offensive against the Japanese in WWII.   In the wake of the slow-flying green transport the parachutes billowed out, their bundles swaying pendulum-like...

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Parachute Rigger Badge

On 9 June 1986, the Chief of Staff of the Army approved adoption of the parachute rigger badge as a permanent special skill badge. The parachute rigger badge is the only special skill badge approved for a Quartermaster specific Military Occupation Specialty (MOS)....

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5,000 Club

CPT Deirdre Cozzens Quartermaster Professional Bulletin - Summer 1989 " I wanted to become airborne..." That's the answer often given by parachute riggers when asked why they entered the field. Recruiters tell people that becoming a rigger is a guaranteed way to...

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Quartermaster Support of Airborne Operations

Quartermaster Review September-October 1950 The following extracts are from a report of the proceedings of a committee which met on March 27th to study the problem of Quartermaster support of Airborne operations. Most of the testimony reprinted below is that of Maj....

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Introducing the AMSAC

The Quartermaster ReviewMay-June 1945   A  NEW streamlined container for dropping supplies by parachute has just been perfected by the SOS quartermasters of the India-Burma Theatre.  It's called "Amsac" - American sack - and the most rigid tests...

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Rigger’s Pledge

I will keep constantly in mind that until men grow wings their parachutes must be dependable. I will pack every parachute as though I am to jump with it myself and will stand ready to jump with any parachute which I have certified as properly packed. I will remember...

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