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From the collection of the U.S. Army Quartermaster Museum, Fort Lee, Virginia

Korean Conflict
Pathfinder Group- 8081st Army Unit (Quartermaster)
leaving airplane in practice jump 24 May 1952
Camp Kokura Photo Lab, U.S. Army Photo
Exercise “Snow Storm”  A pilot chute pulls out a jeep from the rear of a USAF C-119 transport plane as the 82nd Airborne Division makes a heavy equipment drop, during the Army’s winter training operation.  The men cling to the sides of the plane to get out of the way.  Snow Ridge, NY  1953  U.S. Army Photo
Stuttgart, Germany, PFC Roy M. Moore, Everett, Mass., and PFC Thomas Fallon, New York City, members of the 557th Quartermaster Aerial Supply Company, Eckterdinger Air Base, Germany, attaching a G-1 parachute to the A-7 container used to drop small supplies, medical items, tools, etc., to ground forces maneuvering in the field.  13 February 1952, U.S. Army Photo
LT James E, Ray, left and CPT James M. Staigers, members of the 601st Quartermaster Aerial Supply Company from Fort Campbell, KY, check equipment to be dropped by parachutes during the Army’s winter training operations.  U.S. Army Photograph
(note QM Aerial Supply Patch on CPT Staigers’ Pocket) 
Stuttgart, Germany, Quartermaster Aerial Supply demonstration by the 6th Airborne Ranger Company and the 557th Aerial Supply Company, Troopers of the rigging section, 557th Company, prepare vehicles and other equipment for the air drop demonstration at Echterdengen Air Field, 28 November 1951, U.S. Army Photo
Fort Richardson, Alaska, SP4 John Brennan, 558th Aerial Supply Company, in full combat jump gear, 17 October 1955  U.S. Army Photograph