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From the collection of the U.S. Army Quartermaster Museum, Fort Lee, Virginia

World War II, “Ready to Jump”
U.S. Army Signal Corps Photo-Undated
Second Army Tennessee Maneuvers 1943, Men packing .30 cal ammunition boxes into canvas wrappers for parachuting from aircraft.  Packing is done at Camp Campbell, KY, 9 June 1943, 101st Airborne Infantry Division, U.S. Army Photograph
World War II, European Theater, Undated
Sergeant from VIII Corps recovers airdrop container
World War II European Theater – C-47 planes drop supplies on the 4th Infantry Division area in Germany, after rains and early thaw made roads impassable.  The supplies consisted of rations, gas, and ammunition,  101st Airborne Division,
13 February 1945, Briealf, Germany, U.S. Army Photograph