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Food Service Program

Lt. Col. Ward B. Cleaves, Q.M.C.The Quartermaster ReviewJuly-August 1945 The Office of The Quartermaster General, as staff agency of the Army Service Forces, organized a Food Service Program which went into effect on 31 July, 1943. Since that time tremendous strides...

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The History of Rations

Conference NotesPrepared by The Quartermaster SchoolFor the Quartermaster GeneralJanuary 1949 THE HISTORY OF RATIONS History has known feeding problems Long before Napoleon uttered his now famous words, "an Army travels on its stomach," much thought had been given by...

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Subsistence Research Laboratory

Colonel G. F. Doriot, Q.M.C.*The Quartermaster Review - March-April 1944 History of the Quartermaster Subsistence Research Laboratory A QUARTER of a century ago at this Depot a new procedure in Army subsistence was inaugurated. A step was taken which was to...

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Feeding Our Soldiers

By MAJ. Louis C. WILSON Q. M. C.The Quartermaster Review - May-June 1928 Overview of Army Rations from the Revolutionary War to 1928 FROM THE wielding of a club by the primitive cave man to the handling of modern scientific and effective implements of warfare by the...

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Operational Rations Current and Future

March 1963 Prepared by:Armed Forces Food and Container Institute1819 W. Pershing RoadChicago 9, Illinois Contents PrefaceIntroduction General FeedingStandard B Ration Ration, Small Detachment, 5 Person Meal Combat, Individual Special FeedingFood Packet, In-Flight,...

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