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World War I
Water-Cart showing manner in which it is filled by pumps on rear end. Tank held 150 gal., filled in 20 min, Marbache, (Meurthe-et-Moselle), France,
8 September 1918
World War II
Refueling with 5 Gallon-cans
NCO from the 4th Quartermaster Company Water Section Germany 1951
Post-World War II
Fuel Can Transfer
Pipeline Pump Station in Qui-Nhon An-Khe, Vietnam 1966
A member of the 531st Quartermaster Brigade, Fort Lewis, Washington, operates equipment to maintain a mogas (jet petroleum) and vehicle repair operation.  Bright Star 94, Cairo, Egypt, November 1993
(Defense Visual Information Center)
Convoy Reaction
National Training Center
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