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Updated May 2022

I am Quartermaster
My Story has enfolded within the history of this Nation
Sustainer of Armies…

My forges burned hot in the cold of Valley Forge
Down frozen, rutted roads my oxen hauled what supplies a young Congress could send me…
Scant rations for the cold and starving troops, gunpowder, salt, and lead.
But they would soon find warmth and victory along the Virginia shore at Yorktown

In 1812, America once again sailed to war in ships my boatwrights built.
I fought beside you in the deserts of our great Southwest.
My pack mules carrying supplies perished seeking water holes
And I went on with camels.
I gave you Flags and Colors to serve under.
The medals, the crests, the uniforms you wear were my design.

When brother fought brother, I was there marching alongside in Yankee Blue
Since 1862, I have sought our fallen comrades from Private to President
In both war and peace I bring them home, no matter how long I must search
And lay them gently down in fields of honor

Soldier, Provisioner, Transporter
In 1898 I took you to Havana Harbor and the distant Philippines
I brought you your bullets, food, tents, and khaki cloth for uniforms
When Yellow Fever struck, I brought the mattresses you lay upon.

In 1917, we crossed the ocean to fight in the trenches and fields of France
New weapons, training, technologies, and tactics for the Great War
But always the need for food, water, ammunition, and now fuel

We shed first blood together at Pearl Harbor and Corregidor
Then begin the long march to Victory – Guadalcanal and North Africa, Sicily and the Solomons
I was there with you at Omaha Beach on D-Day and even the night before from Glider and Parachute
Across Europe and the Pacific, I drove and dug and fought till the job was done

When war came to the Peninsula in 1950, it was my ‘chutes that filled the grey Korean skies
From the perimeter at Pusan to the cold roads of the Chosin, I was there.
In 1965, I established the fire bases and depots across South Vietnam
The Hueys and Chinooks carried my supplies forward

A generation later by air and sea I supported the fight in Grenada
My Riggers packed the chutes that landed the Rangers and Paratroopers
Again in 1989 above the Jungles of Panama we jumped and fought and won
A year later I was in the ports and deserts of Saudi Arabia
Building up the Shield that would soon become the Desert Storm

When the Berlin Wall fell the world changed again
But my work was not done – providing support in Bosnia, Haiti, and Kosovo
Peacekeeping and humanitarian aid amongst friend and foe
But after 9/11, I once more had to seek out fallen brothers and sisters, this time at home
And also prepare to seek and destroy those who attacked us

For over 20 years I was there – first in Afghanistan and soon afterwards in Iraq
Training our allies and supporting the fight in the mountains and valleys
Across Southwest Asia I was attacked by enemy rockets and IEDs
But I never failed to support even when I had to give my last full measure

No matter the task or crisis, I am ready to support
Whether hurricanes or pandemics rage across our great Nation
My skills and martial talents are in service to our Citizens and Constitution
I stand proudly alongside the Joint and Combined Force across the Globe in defense of Liberty


Quartermasters can shape the course of combat.
Quartermasters change the outcome of battles.
Look to Quartermasters: Sustainers of Armies and Supporting Victory….Since 1775.


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